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MTD General business conditions

Copyright © MTD 2016. All rights reserved. The conditions can be changed and are valid with the presented official confirmation. By the written confirmation of the accommodation reservation, a guest or a group of guests, natural or legal person who made the reservation, accepts these conditions completely or the conditions written in the official offer and the booking confirmation of MTD. General conditions are available on www.mtd.hr

MTD manages exclusive luxury properties in the territory of the Adriatic and provides accommodation services.

The present General Conditions and instructions are integral to agreements on and vouchers for accommodation services contracted between the MTD (hereinafter: the Agency) and a reservation purchaser (hereinafter: Client). All program and General Conditions information and provisions impose certain obligations on the Agency and Client, unless contracted otherwise.

Article 1.

The Agency provides an accommodation service in keeping with the published information, description and price list that are valid on the date of reservation confirmation, except in case of force majeure.

A service purchaser for a final user may be another agency, in which case all provisions of the General Conditions do apply to the agency as mediator.

Article 2.

When confirming a reservation, a Client thereby states that they have been familiarized with and fully accept the present General Conditions. This way, all stated in the present General Conditions becomes a legal obligation for both the Client and Agency. During accommodation stay, alongside the present General Conditions, house rules and regulations of the property also apply.

Article 3.

Enquiries about and reservation of accommodation may exclusively be made in writing, either as memo, by fax or e-mail.

Article 4.

A person who made a request shall be held the holder of accommodation reservation and any other ordered services. Any entries will be kept under the name of reservation holder (whether natural or legal person). Said reservation holder shall bear any obligations that may result from a reservation and cannot transfer them to any other persons the reservation was made for. Reservation holder (if natural person) shall be over 18 and authorized by all other listed persons to confirm the reservation on their behalf. Reservation may not be made by persons under 18. The Agency reserves the right to refuse to consider a request for reservation without giving a reason.

By filling out and sending a reservation request form, a reservation holder confirms that they have the authority to make the reservation on behalf of other persons, who have agreed to the reservation, and that all persons listed in the request form are bound by the conditions of reservation. While making a reservation, the reservation holder is obliged to reveal any information requested in the reservation procedure.

Article 5.

To confirm a reservation, one must make an advance payment depending on the chosen model of payment. By advance payment, the reservation holder becomes a Client and is responsible for all other payments (deposit and balance).

The Client is obliged to settle the balance no later than on the last day of their stay, including compulsory credit card authorization or deposit payment. Certificate of deposit payment may be faxed or e-mailed.

The reservation is considered temporary until deposit due date, unless specified otherwise. Unless the Client submits to the Agency a certificate of deposit payment within a set deadline, or a credit card number for authorization, the quotation is automatically considered expired.

Article 6.

A reservation of accommodation for a certain period is valid only after the Client receives a written certificate issued by the Agency upon receipt of deposit specified in the quotation. In case of electronic reservation, it becomes valid upon credit card authorization.

Article 7.

The price of accommodation includes the basic service described in the price list valid on the day of reservation confirmation. Special services are such services that are not included in the price of accommodation (in the description of accommodation, defined as ‘as agreed’ or additional services requested in advance) and are, consequently, charged additionally to the Client. Special services should be requested before the confirmation of reservation.

All overhead expenses are included in the price of accommodation. However, if excessive overheads should be incurred during one’s stay, the Agency reserves the right to charge the Client for the difference, increased by administrative expenses.

Article 8.

Services included in the price of accommodation are as follows: transfer within a radius of 30 km, unless contracted otherwise, cleaning and reception, cleaning at departure, clean beddings and towels, Internet access, emergency assistance 24/7.

For any questions, the Client is free to contact agents by phone, every day between 08:00 and 20:00 hrs.

Article 9.

Extra beddings, towels and other services are not included in the price of accommodation. Excessive and unjustifiable calls to resolve a problem caused by the Client or their guests, due to not observing the house rules, are not included in the price and are charged separately.

Article 10.

Additional services are paid as agreed. The Agency shall not be held accountable for additional services by other providers. Any additional services posted on the web-site of the Agency (www.mtd.hr) and in the catalogue should be requested in due time at info@mtd.hr

Article 11.

If a Client should wish to change their reservation after confirmation, they are obliged to deliver their request to the Agency in writing as soon as possible, no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of service. Changes to a reservation shall primarily mean changes in number of persons or date of arrival and/or departure. In case a reservation cannot be changed and if the Client should cancel their confirmed reservation on account of this, the below specified cancellation policy shall apply.

For changes to previously confirmed reservations, an administrative flat rate of € 50 per reservation will be charged, as well as other actually incurred expenses, if higher than normal.

Article 12.

If upon confirmation of reservation, the Client should be prevented from attending, there is a possibility of transferring their reservation to a third person or a different date. The Client should inform the Agency thereof in writing, no later than 30 days before booked arrival.

Until the Agency receives a written acceptance of transfer of Client’s reservation by a third person, the Client shall be held accountable for the overall expenses incurred in their reservation.

A new reservation user will take over all obligations resulting from the present General Conditions and thus become the Client.

Article 13.

If a Client wishes to cancel a fixed and confirmed reservation, they are obliged to inform the Agency thereof in writing (by registered mail, e-mail or fax). A cancellation will only be accepted if made by the Client who is reservation holder. In case of cancellation, the Client shall bear the following cancellation charges.

The date of receipt of a written notification of cancellation will be considered the base for calculation of cancellation charges as follows:

- for cancelling a reservation up to 14 days before the realization of service – no charges; - for cancelling a reservation between 14 and 7 days before the realization of service –30% of overall price is charged; - for cancelling a reservation between 7 days and 48 hours before the realization of service – 50% of overall price is charged; - for cancelling a reservation between 48 and 0 hours (no show) before the realization of service – 100% of overall price is charged.

If a Client does not arrive at their accommodation unit by 20:00 hours on the booked day of service commencement without having informed the Agency of their delay, the reservation shall be considered cancelled and the costs of cancellation will be computed in accordance with the above cancelation specifications. If the actually incurred expenses of cancellation should exceed the above specifications, the Agency reserves the right to charge for what was actually incurred.

Article 14.

If a Client leaves their accommodation unit of their own accord prior to the expiration of the booking, they have no right to compensation or refund.

Article 15.

The Agency keeps the right to change the reservation in case of special circumstances which cannot be foreseen, avoided or prevented. Reserved accommodation can be changed only if the passenger has been previously notified, with the accommodation unit of the same or the higher category and at the same price which was valid when the reservation was confirmed.

When the substitute accommodation cannot be found and the reservation has been paid, the Agency keeps the right to cancel the reservation if the passenger has been previously notified and guarantees the return of the whole paid amount. If the reservation has been cancelled, a Client has no right to compensation from the Agency.

Article 16.

A Client and all accommodation guests have to:

- own valid travel documents, comply with customs regulations and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the House Rules and staff instructions; - give the certification of the paid service to the service provider upon the arrival (email confirmation received from the Agency); - keep the property, as well as all the furniture, equipment and the environment in the same state and condition as prior to the use of the service. In case of any damage, the Client has to acknowledge responsibility and cover the expenses; - Accept and adapt to the local habits and traditions and live in accordance with the local population.

If these obligations have not been met, the Client has to bear responsibility and cover the expenses of the caused damage.

If the tenants of the neighbouring property file a complaint or notify the Agency that the property has been damaged, the Client will be asked to leave the residence in 60 minutes. If the Client does not vacate the premises, the Agency has the right to charge their credit card with € 300.

Article 17.

The reservation price does not include the travel insurance package and the Agency is not obliged to insure the Client or other accommodation users. It is Client’s full responsibility to obtain the travel insurance.

Article 18.

The Agency assumes no responsibility for any unexpected mechanical, electrical or technical malfunctions, in TV sets, cable providers, internet access, satellite TV, air conditioners, etc.

In case of a malfunction, a Client has to notify the Agency so they can repair or change the machines as soon as possible.

Client has the right to compensation for malfunctions only in exceptional cases, depending on the assessment of the Agency.

Article 19.

By accepting these conditions, Client has to, upon their arrival to the accommodation unit, give the agent their valid credit card (credit card has to be valid during the whole stay of the Client). If the Client gives the invalid credit card, the Agency will cancel the agreement and ask the Client to leave the residence. The credit card data will be filed at the Agency data base during the term of the booked stay and one month later, after which they will be destroyed.

The Client agrees that their credit card is charged with a certain amount for a damage or loss where appropriate. The amount of € 500 is charged for standard suites and the amount of € 1000 for villas and luxury suites.

The Client authorises the agency to charge them for the real caused damage and other losses to the maximum amount of € 2000.

Article 20.

Authorised personnel have the right to enter the residence during a Client’s stay, solely for the needs of cleaning and maintenance. The Agency has to notify the Client on the arrival of the authorised personnel beforehand and, if possible, arrange their service when it is best for the Client, allowing them a peaceful and private stay.

Article 21.

Check-in can be done from 14:00 to 18:00 hrs. If the day before the planned arrival of a Client, however, is the day of the departure of the previous guest, the Client cannot check in before 16:00 hours, about which they will be notified beforehand.

The Agency allows later arrival, at 20:00 hours at the latest, with a previous written notice and with no charge.

The arrival after 20:00 hours is charged € 50 and arrivals after 23:00 hours € 100 (directly to the agent upon the arrival).

The agents are authorised to refuse to take in Clients after 24:00 hours. Their check-in will be postponed for the next morning, as agreed by the Client and the agent.

Article 22.

Check-out is done from 10:00 to 11:00 hrs on the last day of their stay. The Agency obliges to help Client with their baggage during their departure.

If other guests are to be accommodated at the same accommodation unit on the day of the Client’s departure, the Client will be asked to remove their baggage from the facility until 10:00 hours.

Article 23.

Client and other accommodation users leave their valuables in the accommodation unit at their own risk. The Agency has no responsibility for their loss if they have not been reported and locked in a safe.

Loss of things or theft has to be reported to the information service and the competent police station.

Article 24.

Pets can be brought along if they have been previously announced and approved by the residence.

Article 25.

According to the current the Sojourn Tax Act in the Republic of Croatia, a Client is obliged to pay sojourn tax when paying for the accommodation service. Sojourn tax is not included in the accommodation price. The final amount of the sojourn tax for a specific reservation depends on the number of the persons, their age and the term of their stay.

Article 26.

If there is a valid reason for complaints, a Client has to file the complaint via info@mtd-residences.com, immediately. The information service has to respond to the complaint and resolve it in cooperation with the Client. Subsequent complaints to the used service will not be addressed and they will have no legal effect.

Article 27.

Client and the Agency should resolve any problems in a friendly manner if and when they arise; failing which, the Client has the right to arbitration before the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. In case of a dispute, Croatian laws apply and the competent court is the court in Split.